Friday, 20 March 2015

A spring in my step

Yellow Flowers In Springtime 3

A change of season

As the seasons of the year change, so do the seasons of life. As spring arrives in Exeter I also feel like I am experiencing a spring like season in my life.

Personal change 

After three months of intensive and painful counselling last year, I feel I have moved on in some important areas of my life. I feel spiritually healthy and hopeful.

Team change 

Ben Homer is growing and growing on our team in Church and enabling my role to evolve. I am excited about the opportunities ahead for further study, leadership focus and pastoral development. I will be moving away from the operational side of the church.

Significant friendships

Over the last few months I have increasingly been feeling a sense of gratitude for the amazing people in my life. I have begun to recognize that at different times we experience different levels of friendships and partnerships and I am deeply grateful for this particular season.

New chapter at home

My kids are now 3 and 5. They both (usually) sleep through the night. Rest is now a reality. Our rhythm now feels sustainable and I no longer feel like a zombie. This is good news.

Church change 

After a number of changes in Church life we are starting to both settle and see little shoots of new life. We are settled into a new venue. We have settled on our name and vision. We are now beginning to explore what it might look like for each of us.

Of course life is still full of challenge and heartbreak. I recently lost a family member, some of my friends in Church are facing horrible challenges. I feel heavy hearted particularly for four or five people at this time.

Underneath all the current challenges I remain grateful for the change of personal season. I am now looking to play my part well in all that is being asked of me.

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