Friday, 7 June 2013

I'm stuck in the 90's...

I just want to confess that when it comes to musical preference I am still stuck in the 90's.

Whenever I create a play list for the gym, go out to for a dance or reach for a CD in the car I still want to listen to the same old tracks. 

I don't know why this is.

Although I now struggle with much of the lyrical content, this will always be 'real music'. Some of my friends moved on to house music and drum and bass. I never made it. 

As someone who is involved in leading a Church that has singing and music playing every week, I find this an interesting dynamic. I don't really like most Christian music (as you could guess because I still want 90's hip hop or Dizzy Rascal on my playlist) so I am constantly choosing and influencing against my preference. 

I hope that in Church I can play my part in influencing our more creative people to write and play music that is widely enjoyed by the people in my city and the friends of those who are in my Church. I want the music in my Church to be as good and authentic musically as any local gig that our members would go to. Hopefully Church will become more fun for everybody. 

I wonder if in someway we all get stuck. Is that normal? How do we handle this? Worship leaders, do you still use those 80's classics? Do you still use the same old favorites? Maybe you are stuck just like me but in a different time and place... 

I am glad some of the Music and Worship team in my Church have written albums and play in local bands of different genres who are going well. I am hoping we are going to have more creativity, more 'current' music and that I will over time get 'unstuck' into a new day. Pray for me. ;-)  The future is bright. 

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