Sunday, 16 June 2013

'Honouring the founders & the future' - Prayers for Andy & Jane

It seems like yesterday I was sat in Andy and Jane's living room as a new Christian peppering Andy with questions on the membership course. "What about this?" "How does that fit with that?" He was very gracious with me!

Since then it has been a great journey for me under the guidance of Andy. Andy has shown faith in me and given many opportunities to have a go and keep going when i have faced some bumps in the road. This culminated in Andy handing the leadership baton of our church to me in January 2012.

At our elders day apart in January 2013 Andy shared that him and Jane were 'feeling stirred' for a fresh challenge. We felt together, a year on from the leadership handover that Frontiers was in a position of strength and that Andy and Jane were carrying unused kingdom leadership.

We have been prayerfully discussing the following options:

1) Andy and Jane remain in Exeter and cultivate a wider ministry.
2) Andy and Jane plant another Church.
3) Andy and Jane move to lead and strengthen an existing Church.

It was great to catch up with Andy today and touch base. Andy and Jane are currently enjoying a sabbatical where they are considering their options for the future. We will be praying for Andy and Jane each Sunday from this point. At this moment in time no final decision has been made. 

As a leadership team we are committed to 'honouring the founders and honouring the future'. I would therefore ask friends and members of Frontiers Church to be prayerful during this season as we seek God's will together. We will be touching base with Andy and Jane when they return home and we are excited to see what is next for this outstanding couple.

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