Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Weight of Leadership

New Weight

I was in my second year at Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club when fitness coach Paddy Anson arrived. I was a squad player (which means I trained hard and never got picked) trying to get a breakthrough. Paddy introduced a series of new weight lifting exercises for each player to test his strength.

It was horrible. I'd never done these movements before. My body felt awkward, I was using muscles that I never thought I had and I was unable to lift much weight at all. It was painful in every way. Some of my team mates faced a similar experience.

New Growth

After only two weeks of training I found my body adjusted, my recovery between sessions increased quickly and I began to grow in strength and power. Everybody in the squad grew as well.

I've been leading a Church for six weeks. We carry a dream of a Church that rings out with the sound of people who have found the treasure of the universe. During this short time I have learnt more about myself, and more about leadership of others, than I have in my whole life. This new responsibility is certainly something that I feel. I would also say that I can feel myself growing each day. It's amazing how God has made us to be people who grow into new roles and responsibilities. I feel like I am learning to draw from different sources much strength and feel very motivated as I look ahead.