Friday, 17 February 2012

Leadership Learning

Learning about Church Leadership

I've been leading Frontiers Church Exeter for just a few weeks and I have already learnt loads! The rate of requests and questions coming my way has accelerated significantly. Being the person with final say in the leadership team has added a very different dynamic and excitement to decision making. I didn't sleep that well last night because I am particularly excited about a couple of projects. I once read someone describe Church Leadership as 'one difficult conversation after another'. I have certainly found even in this short space of time that each conversation is carrying increasing levels of challenge and significance. This excites and motivates me to want to keep sharp and fresh so that I can serve people well and make good decisions with people. Clearly my learning is only just beginning but I do feel built for this.

Learning about Team

As I am discovering exactly what needs to be done I am learning what kind of team I need around me. I do bring a fairly narrow set of gifts and my 'felt need' for team is growing by the day. It is a well used phrase, 'play to your strengths and staff your weaknesses'. Over time we are looking to grow a wider leadership team and bring different gifts into the mix to help fit around the lead which I bring.

Learning about New Frontiers

As the leader of a New Frontiers Church it has been an amazing privilege and blessing to plug in more directly to our wider family of Churches. Matt Partridge is continuing to coach me and has been quite frankly awesome in helping me in these early stages of my role. Last week I spent time with Guy Miller who leads our sphere. Guy invited me to shadow him, meet his team and get to know all that he is about. It was fantastic. Guy is kind of unassuming and understated but carries a depth of integrity and authority which makes him an inspiring man to follow. I'm looking forward to developing this relationship. Guy is with us Feb 26th and I'm looking forward to Westpoint more and more because of all that it represents.