Tuesday, 24 January 2012

On Sunday I was appointed as a Church Leader...

What a Day!

Sunday was a day which I will remember for the rest of my life. I'm not very good at these occasions traditionally. I did not bother going to my graduation, I'm not one to have big birthday parties and I find events which I am involved with a difficult to enjoy. This was different.

Thank You Jesus

It felt like a great opportunity to reflect on what Jesus has done for me among all those who I love. Jesus has changed everything for me. Personal achievement was my main goal in life, following after people like Jonny Wilkinson, trying to make any talent I had go as far as it could. This was my greatest joy and my greatest cause of anxiety. Now my main goal is to know the giver of life himself, following Jesus, who gives me help and strength seeing where he wants to take me. I will go with all my might but I have have more of a sense of 'being alive' than I ever have been. Whatever vocation I have the goal will remain the same.

Family & Friends

I was deeply moved by the efforts of friends and family to travel to be with us for the service. School friends from Bristol, Uni friends from Birmingham, Guildford, Essex, Plymouth, and Andover made the journey. My sister and sister in law came down - both working hard at the moment but made the effort to come. Mum and Dad came down and so did my in-laws from Northampton. Chloe and I put on sandwiches for these guys who made such an effort - most of these would not normally go to Church but came to support me. These people being there made a huge contribution to making the day special for me. Thank you.

Brothers and Sisters

Our Church was amazing. Many volunteers put much effort in to make the service work. Music, Welcome, Sound, Visuals, Cupcakes. To all those who helped - thanks for making this day one of the best days of my life. :-) I was unable to chat to many people on the day. After the service we had a photo shoot for the paper and then I was mindful of friends who were leaving soon. I am so grateful for those who came to support Andy and I. 'Old boys' came from all over. People from Hailsham, Oxford, Bristol and Plymouth came up as well as many from Andy's family. Leaders from other Churches came to support us on the day. It really was very moving for all of us involved in Frontiers Church Exeter.

I have received many kind and encouraging messages from different people within our Church. People have mentioned how God seems to have used me to help them in life and faith etc. Others expressing there support for this new chapter together. There is nothing that I would rather do than lead and stand with those in my Church. I've had a few tears as I've read some of these messages. It's been emotional.

I'm looking forward now to gathering on Wednesday as we seek God and pray together. I know a few leaders from the region are planning on joining us for this evening. All this is quite overwhelming. Together on a Mission. X

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