Wednesday, 18 January 2012

40 Days - I'm hungry

So we reach day 8 in our 40 days series. Today is our second day of prayer and fasting.

Last week was pumping

Last week we prayed, fasted and gathered in the evening for a time of worship and corporate prayer. I think it was the best prayer meeting I have been to in my life. Matt and the band were pumping, people were more passionate than Exeter City fans and people brought gifts of the Spirit as willingly as they gave gifts at Christmas! I praying for more of the same this evening. We are in a critical season of transition and it is vital that we stand together and ask God for grace for all He is calling us to.

God is Holy

I'm really looking forward to another gathering this evening. Our theme this week is God and his greatness. I preached Isaiah 6 this Sunday. Tonight we gather to make our requests to the God who made all things, including the stars in the sky. Our readings have been connected to this theme. We will focus part of our evening on asking God for greater revelation of who He is.

Let's do it

This is our last meeting before the leadership handover moment. On Sunday Matt Partridge and Andy Arscott will lay hands on me and pray for me as I'm recognised publicly as the leader of the Church. As this new season begins I feel hungry to play my part well, hungry to build teams, hungry to empower others and hungry to make an everlasting contribution in our city. There is nothing like being a Christian.

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