Wednesday, 21 December 2011

End of Year Reflection

What a year!

What a year it has been! I feel like I'm just about to step off the adrenaline train for a change of scenery this winter. For me personally it has been quite a year of transition. We had our daughter Mabel, I became an elder and as a Church we have been working through me becoming lead-elder in January. We reduced our staffing and have moved venues what seems like more times than I can remember. My role and priorities have been re-ordered on almost a weekly basis! I do feel like we are getting more clarity now. The number of members in our Church has remained steady but the number of people who have joined and left feel high to me. I've met and also said goodbye to loads of people! Both venues have enjoyed dozens of new people demonstrating the value of meeting across sites. We have sent many to new ventures and Church planting and others seem to have come to a natural end to their time with us. A change in leadership has that effect I'm told!??!

Money Matters

This time last year we were under financial pressure as a Church. After a year of re-structuring and reshaping teams we were able to hit all our targets in the first quarter and raise an addition £9,000 for a 0-11's worker who we will look to employ into the new year. I am pleased that our foundation is now clear and secure as we look to build into the new year as we look to launch into more kingdom building adventures. 


Our goals of 10 power hour prayer meetings, 10 'celebration' or 'high sundays' and the raising of £10,000 have been interesting. I have enjoyed the renewed focus on prayer. There have been seasonal fluctuations in attendance but overall I have been pleased and our people seem hungry to me. I might look to wrap those meetings in a little more teaching into the New Year.

This term we enjoyed baptising 6 people. We baptised 3 people at our Church weekend and 3 people on a high sunday. I felt it was great to hear the stories of those being baptized and also those who shared some of the journey with them. We're looking at ways to get our next baptism sharper in March. Christmas this year was our best yet I think. Around 300 people and many guests enjoyed a family service in the afternoon and our carol service in the evening. Many felt that this was the best event we have ever done as a Church and a couple of people have expressed an interest in Alpha while others have come to Church. 

Going Through Changes

This term we saw 2 great people give their lives to Jesus! As a Church we have had another 6 babies added this term. Carnage. I loved our Church Weekend away, laughed lots and felt that we created some good memories together. Dressing up as my team mate Dan was more fun than I thought it would be and I was glad that many demonstrated the ability to laugh at themselves as they were mocked all night long! I felt it was important in that context to preach 'Growth Changes Everything' to help prepare our people for some of the challenges ahead. 

New Year - 40 Days

We'll be welcoming in the New Year through a period of 40days of teaching, prayer and fasting. I'll be preaching vision on the 8th Jan and then will be pressing full steam ahead. Our Leadership Transition Service will be held at Belmont on the 22nd January as Andy hands on the baton to myself. Bring your friends - all are welcome! We have much ahead of us.