Friday, 28 October 2011

Book now for Westpoint!


Chloe and I are going to have a go at camping this year. (Deep breath) But we are within a stones through if it goes bad for us. I hope my kids don't go insane! A number of us in Church are throwing our hats into the ring in a greater measure this year...

Cheaper Bookings

Cheap rate bookings end on Tuesday so book now.

I honestly can't wait...

We'll get a marquee, eat together, have a lot of fun and I expect to be built up.

I'm particularly looking forward to hearing from PJ Smyth who is an inspirational leader and great communicator. Bring it.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Video update to Church - Gift Day & Venue Move...

Here is our second go at a video update to and for our Church. Hope it helps to keep people 'in the loop'.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Power Hour 2 - another venue move...

Last night nearly 70 people gathered together to seek God and ask Him for some big things.

As Elders this year we are looking to prioritise corporate prayer and have committed to 10 'Power Hour' prayer meetings as one expression of this.

We sung our praises to the Lord and asked Him for blessing. We spent time praying for our loved ones, others in the room and for those who God has sent us to serve and bless.

We closed with two big items:

Venue Challenge

Having been given four weeks notice in the Thistle Hotel our last meeting there will be October 16th. We have looked for alternatives and considered multi meeting options. Currently our preference is that we stay at two meetings (Thistle site & St Sidwells site) for the next season. Therefore we are proposing as a short term measure that we explore the possibility of a move to St Peter's School. Currently Vineyard meet there in the morning as so for us it would mean a 3.30pm meeting.

Our staff team are going to go up have a look. We face a financial challenge as St Peters is more expensive and we also face a storage challenge. An afternoon meeting will be a very different experience for our people. Last night it was good to share and make our requests known to God. We're asking our people to walk with us through the journey in prayerful and open discussion as we go.

Gift Day

As Elders we are looking for £10,000 for a 0-11s worker. The initial brief for this person will be starting with 0-4s to support, resource and make our Sunday meeting exceptionally helpful for young families. We are looking for the role to grow and including primary school age. The details on this position and process of employment is subject to discussion with our Trustees.

We feel we want to resource and bless this group of people that God has given us. A good base of families will additionally help us resource and multiply other ministries across the Church.

After Sunday we are around half way towards our target. We have a big Sunday ahead of us as we look to hit this target. Lord make us generous!