Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Venue Move - This Week! (& where to park...)

This Sunday we are moving our morning meeting from The Maynard School to The Thistle Hotel. This is a great move for us as a Church.

Real blessings

We are looking forward to benefiting from now having two sites in the heart of the city. We have storage in the hotel which will bless many volunteers who have been carrying heavy boxes for the last 5 years! The environment is far more helpful as we are seeking to be more and more hospitable through our High Sundays in particular. The room is slightly bigger and by the grace of God we have been given a good deal.

Park it.

As with any event in the centre of Exeter parking will be a challenge. We all have some local knowledge and our favourite places to park without paying. I'm wondering if anyone else knows the spots that I'm thinking of! Cycling is a great way of getting around Exeter. I cycle to work each day which is a blessing in many ways.

Chloe and I will look to walk I think initially and see how we (and the weather) go. The car park options around the hotel are not massively appealing to be honest. They get quite expensive if you want to stay for 3hours. Here is a helpful guide to parking in Exeter. I think the best bet for us might be to drop the family at The Thistle and then head to park at the Howell Road Car Park. There you can get 3hours for £1.70 and enjoy a prayer walk through town before meeting the Church!

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  1. Or park in the streets around Maynards and walk in - wouldn't take long!