Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Year - New Season - New Goals

Last year our Church was marked by Matt Giles writing exceptional music. Additionally Dan Partridge joined us on staff and many of our young married couples are now having babies. We now have around 20babies in our Church family! This year we are looking to gather and grow as we seek to make a big lasting difference in Exeter.

Our mission as a Church is to 'Love - Explain - Invite'. Motivated by love, we want to love and serve others. At some point we want to explain something of our story, how Jesus is alive and generally awesome, and ultimately offer an invitation to meet Him!

This year we are looking to hit 'Three10s' to help us with this...

10 High Sundays

On certain Sundays we gather to celebrate special occasions such as new life (dedications) new faith (baptisms) and Christ coming (Christmas). On these Sundays we'd like to invite as many people as possible to join the party! We'll put on our best band, have a short talk, enjoy our time together, ask God to bless us and give an opportunity to find out more.

10 Power Hours

It's the privilege of Christians to talk to the maker of the universe. He even asks us to make requests and promises to answer us! We're going to gather as a Church to ask God for some big stuff this coming year. We'll be meeting the first Wednesday of each month. First Power Hour Wednesday 7th September.


We would like to continue to resource and support our ministries in Frontiers Church Exeter. This season we particularly want to invest in and resource our young families and initially children of 0-11 years old. We're currently discussing the role and job description as well as the skills we believe are needed for this potential position while we look to raise money!

I will be sharing headlines of our Three10s this Sunday. Our first 'Power Hour' will be Wednesday 7th September 7.30pm St Sidwells School. More detail of why we are going for this and how you can make a meaningful contribution will be shared through preaching and gift days on the 2nd & 9th of October.

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