Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'LXI' Missionary Training Tracks...

Love Explain Invite

As a Church our goal is to, 'Love, Explain, Invite'. The Love of God has transformed us so much that we are compelled to love and serve others as He has amazingly served us. If given the opportunity we want to explain how and why this has happened. If people are interested, we want to invite them to join the party!

LXI Training Tracks

This year as we kick off 'LXI' 2011/12 as a Church we are running missionary training tracks to help us kick start the year. These tracks will be held at Belmont Chapel 7.30pm Wednesday 14th & 21st September. The tracks are as follows...

'Marriage on a Mission'

If you are married, your marriage is the important team in your life. If we don't get this right, everything else suffers. If our marriages are good, much blessing flows! Andy and Jane are running this track with much fun, wisdom and around 40 years experience. If you would like to participate in this track the best thing to do is contact the Church office. You will need specific instructions for this track.

'Our Father - The One Who Sends'

God the Father is the one who sends Jesus for us. All love and mission comes from His heart. Dave Bish will be teaching two sessions for us on this subject. Dave has a great teaching gift and will thoroughly get his teeth into this subject I'm sure bringing much depth and insight.

'Pursuing Spiritual Gifts'

God wants to equip His people with gifts and power from the Holy Spirit to live out all that we are called to. Steve Blake will be leading this track as we gather to ask Him for help and empowerment. Steve is passionate about this area.

'One to One With Jesus'

When you have  a close relationship with someone you want to connect and chat everyday. The more you think of them the more you will enjoy this time! The Bible says that Jesus is alive and by His Spirit we can talk to Him through prayer and listen to Him speak through the Bible by the Spirit. I'll be looking at 'the quiet time' with Jesus. For this track you will need a Bible (that you don't mind writing on) a pencil, pen, highlighter and note book. I'll be leading this track.

It's on. We'll be gathering together at 7.30pm for a time together and then we'll split into smaller groups for hour long sessions. :-)

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