Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Looking for wisdom...

Walking with Jesus and seeking to build His Church is not boring.

Venue Challenge

After our recent venue move to the Thistle Hotel we have been given four weeks notice. We are seeking clarity and a conversation over exactly why this is. It seems to be related to the Council and the use of the hotel for civil ceremonies. As a leadership team we have been praying together and we are looking to sketch a couple of options to pray through as a Church.

Will we stay?
Another venue?
Another time?
Multi meetings?

Staff Team Challenge

This year we have needed to reduce our core expenditure and therefore our staff team is just Andy, Dan and myself. Dan's workload has increased significantly and therefore our planning and prioritising has had to improve significantly. We had made our processes far more effective particularly when it comes to processing finances which is now part of Dan's role. We are streets ahead of where we were this time last year.

We are still in a process of adjustment and working out exactly how much we can carry as we are now.

Pressing On

It's a big Sunday for us this week as a Church. We are looking for £10,000 to be raised for a 0-11's worker. We are still having a conversation over the exact role and the experience needed for the role. We are all persuaded that this is an area which needs investment and more leadership. Wherever we will be meeting in the future we want this ministry area to be well resourced.

Next generation.
Families needing support.
Outstanding opportunity.

I love the opportunity to give over and above my regular giving. I want to overflow with generosity like my God. My wife has a phrase written in our living room which I like, 'live simply, give extravagantly.'

Wider Family Input

As an Eldership team we have invited Matt Partridge and Grant Van Schalkwyk to join us for some outside input. As a team we are in a season of transition and so we'll be gathering tonight to add more clarity to this process. It's amazing being part of a wider family. I feel increasingly humbled by the willingness to serve and the attention that these men are willing to give us. :-)

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