Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Looking for wisdom...

Walking with Jesus and seeking to build His Church is not boring.

Venue Challenge

After our recent venue move to the Thistle Hotel we have been given four weeks notice. We are seeking clarity and a conversation over exactly why this is. It seems to be related to the Council and the use of the hotel for civil ceremonies. As a leadership team we have been praying together and we are looking to sketch a couple of options to pray through as a Church.

Will we stay?
Another venue?
Another time?
Multi meetings?

Staff Team Challenge

This year we have needed to reduce our core expenditure and therefore our staff team is just Andy, Dan and myself. Dan's workload has increased significantly and therefore our planning and prioritising has had to improve significantly. We had made our processes far more effective particularly when it comes to processing finances which is now part of Dan's role. We are streets ahead of where we were this time last year.

We are still in a process of adjustment and working out exactly how much we can carry as we are now.

Pressing On

It's a big Sunday for us this week as a Church. We are looking for £10,000 to be raised for a 0-11's worker. We are still having a conversation over the exact role and the experience needed for the role. We are all persuaded that this is an area which needs investment and more leadership. Wherever we will be meeting in the future we want this ministry area to be well resourced.

Next generation.
Families needing support.
Outstanding opportunity.

I love the opportunity to give over and above my regular giving. I want to overflow with generosity like my God. My wife has a phrase written in our living room which I like, 'live simply, give extravagantly.'

Wider Family Input

As an Eldership team we have invited Matt Partridge and Grant Van Schalkwyk to join us for some outside input. As a team we are in a season of transition and so we'll be gathering tonight to add more clarity to this process. It's amazing being part of a wider family. I feel increasingly humbled by the willingness to serve and the attention that these men are willing to give us. :-)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Video Update to Church

As part of an effort to improve communication within Church we are exploring the option of video messages and updates. I have in my mind particularly young parents, those who serve on Sundays, shift workers and returning students. I really hope this helps our guys. This video is for members of our Church intended to catch them up with some practical information.

I've not done any video before as you can probably tell. Hopefully we'll get better as we look to post a message on a monthly basis. Due to busy diaries and volume of work we agreed that we would do this in one take... so we did.

Feedback welcome. (I think!)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'LXI' Missionary Training Tracks...

Love Explain Invite

As a Church our goal is to, 'Love, Explain, Invite'. The Love of God has transformed us so much that we are compelled to love and serve others as He has amazingly served us. If given the opportunity we want to explain how and why this has happened. If people are interested, we want to invite them to join the party!

LXI Training Tracks

This year as we kick off 'LXI' 2011/12 as a Church we are running missionary training tracks to help us kick start the year. These tracks will be held at Belmont Chapel 7.30pm Wednesday 14th & 21st September. The tracks are as follows...

'Marriage on a Mission'

If you are married, your marriage is the important team in your life. If we don't get this right, everything else suffers. If our marriages are good, much blessing flows! Andy and Jane are running this track with much fun, wisdom and around 40 years experience. If you would like to participate in this track the best thing to do is contact the Church office. You will need specific instructions for this track.

'Our Father - The One Who Sends'

God the Father is the one who sends Jesus for us. All love and mission comes from His heart. Dave Bish will be teaching two sessions for us on this subject. Dave has a great teaching gift and will thoroughly get his teeth into this subject I'm sure bringing much depth and insight.

'Pursuing Spiritual Gifts'

God wants to equip His people with gifts and power from the Holy Spirit to live out all that we are called to. Steve Blake will be leading this track as we gather to ask Him for help and empowerment. Steve is passionate about this area.

'One to One With Jesus'

When you have  a close relationship with someone you want to connect and chat everyday. The more you think of them the more you will enjoy this time! The Bible says that Jesus is alive and by His Spirit we can talk to Him through prayer and listen to Him speak through the Bible by the Spirit. I'll be looking at 'the quiet time' with Jesus. For this track you will need a Bible (that you don't mind writing on) a pencil, pen, highlighter and note book. I'll be leading this track.

It's on. We'll be gathering together at 7.30pm for a time together and then we'll split into smaller groups for hour long sessions. :-)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Venue Move - This Week! (& where to park...)

This Sunday we are moving our morning meeting from The Maynard School to The Thistle Hotel. This is a great move for us as a Church.

Real blessings

We are looking forward to benefiting from now having two sites in the heart of the city. We have storage in the hotel which will bless many volunteers who have been carrying heavy boxes for the last 5 years! The environment is far more helpful as we are seeking to be more and more hospitable through our High Sundays in particular. The room is slightly bigger and by the grace of God we have been given a good deal.

Park it.

As with any event in the centre of Exeter parking will be a challenge. We all have some local knowledge and our favourite places to park without paying. I'm wondering if anyone else knows the spots that I'm thinking of! Cycling is a great way of getting around Exeter. I cycle to work each day which is a blessing in many ways.

Chloe and I will look to walk I think initially and see how we (and the weather) go. The car park options around the hotel are not massively appealing to be honest. They get quite expensive if you want to stay for 3hours. Here is a helpful guide to parking in Exeter. I think the best bet for us might be to drop the family at The Thistle and then head to park at the Howell Road Car Park. There you can get 3hours for £1.70 and enjoy a prayer walk through town before meeting the Church!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Year - New Season - New Goals

Last year our Church was marked by Matt Giles writing exceptional music. Additionally Dan Partridge joined us on staff and many of our young married couples are now having babies. We now have around 20babies in our Church family! This year we are looking to gather and grow as we seek to make a big lasting difference in Exeter.

Our mission as a Church is to 'Love - Explain - Invite'. Motivated by love, we want to love and serve others. At some point we want to explain something of our story, how Jesus is alive and generally awesome, and ultimately offer an invitation to meet Him!

This year we are looking to hit 'Three10s' to help us with this...

10 High Sundays

On certain Sundays we gather to celebrate special occasions such as new life (dedications) new faith (baptisms) and Christ coming (Christmas). On these Sundays we'd like to invite as many people as possible to join the party! We'll put on our best band, have a short talk, enjoy our time together, ask God to bless us and give an opportunity to find out more.

10 Power Hours

It's the privilege of Christians to talk to the maker of the universe. He even asks us to make requests and promises to answer us! We're going to gather as a Church to ask God for some big stuff this coming year. We'll be meeting the first Wednesday of each month. First Power Hour Wednesday 7th September.


We would like to continue to resource and support our ministries in Frontiers Church Exeter. This season we particularly want to invest in and resource our young families and initially children of 0-11 years old. We're currently discussing the role and job description as well as the skills we believe are needed for this potential position while we look to raise money!

I will be sharing headlines of our Three10s this Sunday. Our first 'Power Hour' will be Wednesday 7th September 7.30pm St Sidwells School. More detail of why we are going for this and how you can make a meaningful contribution will be shared through preaching and gift days on the 2nd & 9th of October.