Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Westpoint Gathers Pace

Westpoint 2011

New Frontiers Churches in the South & West regions gathered together last weekend under the leadership of Guy Miller and his team. This is the second time that we have gathered together and man it has kicked on!

Great Teaching

This year Terry Virgo came and was brilliant by all accounts. My wife was particularly blessed. Guy Miller spoke on 'remember the poor' which was a challenging word for local Churches particularly at this time in our nation and in places like Kenya. Next year PJ Smyth will be among us. Bring it on!

Good Time Together

Of our Church around 70 people came for at least one day. I had a great time on Friday just hanging out, chatting among friends and catching up. I was particularly impressed by the caravan brigade and the birth of a new nickname for one particular Church member. It was a lot of fun.

Other Leaders

As a pastor it was good to hang out with some of the guys from other Churches. I had one or two chats with other leaders which was really good. I do feel increasingly part of a wider family as we share life over time and look forward to being together more in the future.

It's really exciting to be part of such a vibrant family of Churches. With all our faults and shortcomings I love all that we are seeking to do and am seeing much evidence of the grace of God on us! :-)

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