Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Looking Good - Reflections

Preaching every week

We are into the final week of our 'Looking Good' series at Church. This is the first time that I have preached four weeks running. (Five weeks if you include the final talk from the previous series.)

It has been an interesting learning experience. I have appreciated the continuity of thought and prayer in preparing and also the opportunity to build from week to week. I have also appreciated the encouraging feedback from various members of our Church.

Pride vs humility

During the series we have built on two definitions:

Pride: Self exaltation. (Making yourself look good.)
Humility: Serving others for the glory of God. (Making Him look good, because He is good!)

Going deeper

Here are some reflection questions for those who have enjoyed the series:

How well do you celebrate the success of others?

How well do you pray for the success of others?
How much do you look to encourage others?

How willing are you to ‘step up’ and take a risk?
How willing are you to ‘step back’ and take a back seat?

How do you respond to trials? Faith/Frustration?
How well do you respond to correction?

How grateful are you?
How good are you at laughing at yourself?

How much do you value God?
How much do you value him being made known?

If you want to check out this series you can find it here.

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