Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Some thoughts on sleep...

It's strange to think that during our lives we will have spent many years sleeping.

Here are some loose thoughts which I have been pondering when I was very much without sleep.

1) God gives sleep as a gift. 

When we are working hard, trusting God and receiving wisdom from God human beings will generally sleep well. (There are of course exceptions.) It's stupid to work harder and sleep less without looking to God. Psalm 127v2 Psalm 4v8 Proverbs 3v24. I love sleeping. Thank you for this gift. The benefits of sleeping well are obvious.

2) My need for sleep reminds me that I am not God.

God does not need anything or anyone else. God does not need sleep. Psalm 121v3&4. I am created and I am dependant on other things much to my dismay. During times of sleeplessness I am reminded of my utter need and dependence on God and to honour the way that He has made me. Prolonged planned periods of sleeplessness will stop me from functioning! Grumpy, groggy and without a memory is not a state which I enjoy. Sleeplessness has brought me to my knees in every way. I obviously needed that.

3) There is a time not to sleep.

Sleeping at the wrong time or too much is criticised by Jesus is scripture. We have a measure of control to stay awake and chose when to rest and when to work. There is a time for both. During some seasons, for example if one has young children, getting sleep seems to require more planning and flexibility than others! Proverbs 20v13 Matt 26v45

4) Sleeping well requires wisdom.

Faith, baby books, planning, 20min 'power naps', a regular 'bed time' and 'wake up time' as well as less technology in the bedroom can apparently all help. I recently took a sleep survey which told me that my sleeping was only 40% optimised. I hope as Mabel (Our 7week old baby) gets older and I implement some more wisdom this will improve...

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