Friday, 10 June 2011

Playing rugby again... just for fun.

This year I've decided to start playing rugby again. I have agreed to join Exmouth RFC for pre-season and see how I go. I hope it goes well and that we can work it into our family and Church commitments. I'm going to play for fun with some guys who I already know from when I played previously. Here is an article in the local paper. Here are my reasons for playing this year:

1. When I played before, it was too big in my life.

From the age of 16 all I wanted was to play rugby full time. My whole life felt like it was riding on it. I worked hard and carried huge expectations from within and from others in part because of Dad. On reflection I think Rugby was an idol in my life and therefore I did not play it or enjoy it as I could have done. I feel now I might be able to play and enjoy it for what it is.

2. I need better balance in my life.

Wiser leaders have recommended having other interests and activities in my life. Church, work and friends are all one thing for me! This a blessing but also brings challenges.  

3. I want to be around different people. 

My job is about people. The more people I am around from different walks of life the more I am able listen and learn. Rugby is one of those sports which holds together the bricklayer and the lawyer in the same team. Life is so much more enriching when I spend time around different people. No doubt this will inform the way I do things at Church.

4. The lifestyle is good.

I'm back in the gym and we have reviewed my diet. I'm feeling better, fitter and have more energy even though our baby Mabel is only 7 weeks old! Training well is helpful for the rest of life. It teaches me to keep going through the pain barrier as a habit and I hope will increase my capacity in life. 

5. I want to make a contribution.

I want to make a contribution in a community outside of Church. I hope I get in the team, play well and share a bit of life with these guys. I'm looking to be a blessing and make a positive contribution.


  1. I used to play rugby in college, but I stopped when I got injured in a local game. I recovered after breaking a couple of ribs, but I never played rugby again. Well, maybe one day I'll return to the field, who knows.

  2. I heard English Rugby is tougher than American Football. What did you like most about the sport?

    Savannah Adams