Thursday, 5 May 2011

We have a new born baby... help please!

Baby Mabel is just over a week old. We are slowly adjusting to having two babies in our home. World news has been dramatic and people are voting, meanwhile we're walking around like a couple of zombies! It's funny the second time around realising how differently we are handling Mabel compared to Rufus. We were very very clueless the first time around. This time we have a few more clues.

The blessing of community

Our friends, family and Church have been amazing. Our Church are providing evening meals for us for two weeks! This means that we have one less thing to think about. We can concentrate on feeding and bathing and getting the kids ready for bed and then a generous person brings round a hot meal in the evening. What a blessing. On a couple of occasions when I have found this season really stretching, the simple good company of close friends have been rejuvenating for me.

We've been listening to Rachel

My wife is not really into the Gina Ford stuff. This time around however we have been drawing a lot from Rachel Waddilove. She spoke to our Church parents a month or so back. She is warm, loving and very affectionate. We bought both her books and have found them very very helpful. We have adopted Rachel's 'flexible routine'. It has been a huge blessing to us as we try and manage two babies. Obviously we are still learning loads and it's very early days butIhave particularly appreciated her practical help. I wish we had done this first time around! Clearly every child is different as is every parenting team however I think she is well worth checking out.

Getting a vision

Over the last couple of days I have also been re-reading 'Shepherding a Child's heart' by Tedd Tripp. It's so refreshing to catch God's heart for families and his call on parents again. It's easy to slip into survival mode with kids I think. I've been spending a lot of time with Rufus over the last week. I don't just want to fill the day and entertain him. I want more for him and God is asking for more from me. I expect to be visiting and re-visiting this book. 10mins reading a day can change everything.

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