Sunday, 22 May 2011

Steve Tibbert... bit of a hero to me.

I came home early this week from Leadership Training because my wife is unwell. She seems a little better today. I have been looking after the babies therefore I did not get to church.

At Leadership Trainining I did manage to catch the group time with Steve Tibbert. Steve leads the Catford Church and has quickly become a man who inspires me like few other.

Steve leads Catford which is a church of I think around 1000 members. Catford hosts New Frontiers Leadership Training Advanced.

Attention to detail

Steve took our group of trainees round the three sites which are now owned by kings Church. One of the things that struck me is that Steve has very impressive attention to detail. He has a thought through philosphy of ministry and he applies it rigorously. It appears that he has his goals in mind and will stop and nothing to do all he can to implement them. I have had the privilege of learning a little bit about Jonny Wilkinson's attitiude to detail through my Dad over the years. Steve is the first Christian leader who I have come across who reminds me of stories that my Dad has shared over the years.

Attitude to learning

To me Steve's attitude to learning was another element of his leadership which I found very impressive. He is a student first. He is currently seeking to find people who are a few steps ahead of him. He wants to learn, he pursues wisdom and you can see the fruit in his ministry. Steve takes the initiative to go get what he needs for the next step in his journey. I can't imagine him procrastinating for one moment!

A bit of banter

I also like the way Steve is quite funny. He is honest and speaks openly about his experiences. He makes his teaching time light by throwing in banter and making big statements. I like this in a leader. I do not believe him when he says he is a 'natural athlete' but the way he views his life to be organised as an athelete resonates with me.

Steve is a leader and he is very strategic. He thinks logically and his approach to ministry is one which I find closest to my own aspirations than any other Christian leader. I'm glad God has blessed him with his gift. I am glad that his Church is going well and I'm glad I've been able to learn some stuff from a distance.

I won't be putting any posters up or making any T-shirts but I will look forward to three days of training with Steve Tibbert next year as part of my final year of training. I might even buy his book.

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  1. Have you noticed what's behind Steve's head? Keen. We definitely wouldn't have one of those in our office...