Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Back to work... It's a new day.

It's a new day. I'm back at my desk today after what seems like a very long time away...

Back to it

It was great to de-brief with the staff team this morning. I have been able to clear most of my emails and plan something of a shape for the next couple of weeks to include upcoming preaching engagements. It will be good to touch base with the other elders this evening. We have some significant decisions being worked through at the moment.

Away this week

I travel to Leadership Training tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to being with the others for our last time this year. Steve Tibbert is doing some stuff as well. I always find him stimulating and motivating. :-)

Tired & Fresh

Personally I feel strangely stretched and kind of fresh at the same time. I am lacking sleep a bit but I also feel like I have a blank sheet of paper in front of me in many areas of Church life. I feel like I am coming to old situations with fresh eyes and fresh enthusiasm to re-engage with ministry areas. I am grateful for a renewed appreciation of my wife and a greater need for help!

Renewed appreciation

My respect and admiration for my wife is currently sky high. She works very very hard as do many in raising kids. It's her first day week with me at work this week. She is amazing. I've realised from my time at home that those who are homeward in orientation receive very little praise or 'well dones' from the little ones who they care for so well. Encouragement is few and far between when compared to working in other contexts. It's down to me to thank her and point out grace in her life so we can celebrate what God is doing together.

Renewed sense of dependence

I have been humbled by having our second child. If I am to even in part live up to that which God is asking me for in terms of how I speak to people, experience of joy etc I really need help. His standards are quite frankly beyond me. I am experiencing a new level of need. I am glad that he forgives me and glad that He empowers me. I am asking God more for His help and power. If I go a day without deeply requesting His help my wife will notice by my mood! I guess this is a good place to be in terms of learning about walking with God but it is not an easy place to be.

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