Friday, 15 April 2011

Waiting for number 2...

Our second baby is due April 23rd. My wife looks like she could go pop at any moment. It's been strange thinking back to the early days when Rufus was first born. Here is a picture when he was just a couple of months old.

I can't wait to meet my daughter. She moves around a lot. I wonder if she will be dark or blonde. Rufus started dark and now is really blonde! I'm praying for a safe and successful birth.

I think it took me about six months to feel like I could start to do stuff in life and not just survive after Rufus. I wonder how long it will take with two babies to feel like I can cope! I guess every parent feels a mixture of excitement and also aware of the daunting nature of the task ahead. I guess also we will take each day as it comes and work hard together. Grateful that God is actively involved in all that I do, that I am in a Church family and have wider family who are willing to help.  

A mixture of paternity leave, bank holidays and Leadership Training means that I will not be at the Church office very much in May. I have a couple of important commitments to honour but other than that I will be largely on home base, then I aim to travel to Catford for Leadership Training May 18th.

I'm looking forward to standing with my wife and being with my family over the coming weeks while at the same time feeling like I am just about to start running a marathon!

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