Friday, 29 April 2011

New arrival... Mabel Jennifer Alred

We've been at home for two nights now. Chlo & Mabel came home from hospital just a few hours after giving birth.

On the morning of the birth, Chlo came down to tell me that 'it's started.' I immediately went into organisational mode much to her distress. Chlo's mum came over to take Rufus, (she has been gold) while Chloe was having contractions every minute or so. We had contractions on the door step, in the car, in the car park, in corridors and then finally into the room with the birthing pool. We got there around 8.00am.

The labour was fast. We had baby in arms by 9.40am! She was 9.11lbs. By 12.45 we were driving home from the hospital.

It was great to introduce Mabel to Rufus and then later more friends and family. Two days in so far and we are going well. Mabel is feeding well and sleeping for a couple of hours at times. My friend told me that by the end of the first week you have some idea about how you are going to actually cope with caring for two little ones. I hope he is right! :-)   


  1. Awesome news guys - she looks beautiful and peaceful. Praise God for a safe delivery . . Glad things are going well. . .
    Steve & Clare x

  2. What a lovely photo. I am sure Rufus is thrilled to be a big brother.

  3. stu you have such a beautiful family and it's easy to do the things you're doing I think because of that. As a single Christian, how can you effectively live out a Christian life knowing you have no-one to come back at night, no-one to kiss goodnight and no-one to really share your life with?