Friday, 25 March 2011

What should wives do?

On Sunday I will be preaching through Ephesians 5v22-33 looking at the role of wives.

This text contains those infamous words, "Wives submit to your husbands..." 

This topic always provokes a range of responses. On Sunday I'm looking to punch through 9 observations which I have made from scripture and then interview my wife Chloe. 

I like John Pipers definition: “Submission is a divine calling of a wife to honour and affirm her husbands leadership and carry it through according to her gifts.”

1.Biblical submission is not assigning different value, it’s assigning different roles.

2.Biblical submission is not just a cultural expression, it’s an eternal value.

3.Biblical submission is not primarily a response to your husband, it’s a response to Jesus.

4.Biblical submission is not passive, it’s active.

5.Biblical submission is not absolute, but it is genuine.

6.Biblical submission does not allow abuse, it’s part of Church life.

7.Biblical submission is not for husbands to enforce, it’s a call on the wife.

8.Biblical submission is not easy, but it is powerful.

9.Biblical submission is not popular, but it is beautiful.

Chloe and I are seeking to build our marriage according to God's blueprint. I'll be asking her the following questions:

1) How would you have described yourself as a single Christian girl?

2) What was it like getting to know me?

3) How did you feel about the biblical model of marriage?

4) How have you found trying to build according to God’s blueprint over the last four years?

5) Can you think of any examples where you have had to choose to submit?

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