Sunday, 27 March 2011

Rest is part of God's design

To rest or not to rest?

Let me get straight to the point - in the end, if we choose not to rest I think we are either arrogant or idolaters. Apart from exceptional circumstances, God has woven rest into His design for humanity.

In the Bible God models and has given us a Sabbath to rest one day in seven. He also gave different festivals and holidays as a break from the routine of work.

Learning lessons

As a pastor in my second year of ministry I made the mistake last year of not taking all my holidays. I enjoyed the ones I took, but did not take them all. At times I suffer from arrogance. At times I deny my need of sleep and rest and believe that I can do all that I want for as long as I want. I also struggle at times with an over-enthusiasm for ministry and all that I could be doing. When I think about it carefully I think the reason I did not take my holiday last year was idolatry. I was holding up ministry ahead of what God was asking of me.

I love working for the Church but I love God more! An older pastor who I know was sharing about his Church and their positive attitude towards holidays. You get commended for taking your holiday because God has designed us to enjoy them. Our lead elder has a similar attitude.

It's a faith issue

Personally I find it takes faith to take a holiday. It takes faith to believe that God cares about and will continue to build his Church without you. It takes faith to leave people who have needs, and projects which you can contribute towards in the hands of others. It takes faith to not feel guilty taking a rest when others are working hard. It takes faith to be around tired people and not feel bad for feeling rested and sharp.

I have just finished reading 'Going the distance'. It's been good for me. My wife and I have reviewed our annual pattern and have decided that a week off in March is a good place to start. :-) This week we'll be having a week off. We're going to visit friends and then spend three nights away in Cornwall. I can't wait. I'm filled with faith to receive it is a gift. I refuse to feel guilty. I believe I am being obedient to Jesus.

On holiday this week :-) 

I am pleased that we have drafted a good annual pattern and that I have been able to learn and improve my leadership of my home in this area. Next week I'm going to read, sleep, spend time with my son (kicking a football and wrestling predominantly) and look to bless my wife as much as I can. Thank you Lord Jesus for ongoing patience and provision for me and my family.

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  1. We are meant to work from rest, not rest from work - much better way round :-)