Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Christian conference?!

Up until a few years ago I had never been to a Christian conference. I'd only been to a local Church meeting.

My first time

I'd heard that my local Church was part of something bigger which helps us and gives us a sense of security but that was the extent of my insight. One summer I decided to go to the New Frontiers 'Brighton Conference'. It was the first time I'd been in a room with thousands of people who loved Jesus and were passionate about walking his path. It was the first time I'd seen so many different men and women with different styles and gifting working together for the same ends. It was the first time I'd been exposed to different wisdom in different areas and experienced the strength of something of authentic relationships at this level. It was the first time I'd danced the night away to music while being completely sober! The truths of scripture and the calling of God to plant Churches were illuminated in my heart in a powerful way.

The week in Brighton completely changed my perception of what we were building as a local Church and all that we are part of. It made me want to give my life to work within this movement. We are a family on a mission!

Not just a conference

I'm not really a fan of Christian conferences per se. I think that the specific purpose is important. What are we trying to do together? I enjoy being exposed to good Bible teaching and/or a specific gift but in the end I'm looking for more when Christians gather together in this kind of context. I think we're looking to be part of a movement led by the Spirit of God. 

Some of our students were catching something of who we are a couple of weeks back. It looks like the Bude Weekend for Students and 20's could be a good fixture on our calender in the future. It was great for them to see a little more of who we are and to see there obvious enthusiasm with all that they had seen and heard. 

The times are changing

New Frontiers is changing and the Brighton Conference will end this summer. As a family we are looking to different spheres for relationship and corporate vision so therefore for us in Exeter Together at Westpoint is vital. I felt is was a little rough around the edges last year however I am utterly convinced about what we are trying to do together. I'm sure the guys will have learnt loads and I'm really looking forward to gathering again this summer at something which is far more than a conference. 

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