Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Special day...

Last Sunday was a special day for me. I was appointed as a senior leader or to use a biblical word/office an 'elder' at Frontiers Church Exeter.

Family Matters

I was so pleased that my family was able to come and share the day with me. My Mum, Dad and Sister came down as well and Chloe's parents who took a day trip down from Northampton. I felt very much loved and supported by my family as well as my Church family. My best man and his wife also made a surprise visit! :-)

Apostolic input

Matt Partridge who leads Emmanuel Church Oxford and helps oversee our Church taught from Peter's first letter. He pointed out 7 hallmarks of elders in the Church. Here are a few things that I noted.

1) Shepherds of people. People are the priority for God's shepherds.
2) Elders are to be willing. You need desire.
3) Not greedy for gain but greedy to serve.
4) They lead by example. The man must embody his message. 
5) Humility.
6) Must keep alert and demonstrate self control. 
7) Never, never give up. Do the simple things well. Fight.


Today I am very aware that I am just one piece in the jigsaw of His Church. It seems strange to have had a whole service for this. (Though it was great for the whole Church to be clear on all that we are doing and to celebrate.) I have had two meet ups this morning with great leaders in our Church and am very pleased with the student team which we are working with right now. I am currently involved with several ministry teams. It's in these areas where I find real joy in my role. I love being with our people, I love building teams, developing leaders and looking to accomplish things together with Jesus. I feel very, very blessed to be able to play my part along side so many people who I admire and respect.  

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