Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Sending of our best...

Christians are by definition 'sent' people. We are called to 'go' and to love, explain and invite people to meet with our maker through Jesus.

Ever since the book of Acts Christians have moved to new towns and cities with the motive of being effective on this mission.

John and Hannah Fielder are great personal friends to Chloe and I. We have known them for years now and have found them to be great people. They are both very gifted and it has been a joy to have them in our Church in Exeter.They fill us with enthusiasm for life and challenge us to stand up and be all we can be. Chlo has looked after Bethan twice a week and my son has been quite taken by her! They giggle and smile whenever they see each other. It's very cute even if I do say so myself. :-)

This Sunday will be their last with us as members. They are now moving to Birmingham. They aspire to Church planting and will be joining up with Jonathan Bell to serve him, with a view to planting in the future. Matt Partridge has been very helpful in linking these guys up as they are looking to be involved in an urban context.

Both John and Hannah are passionate and have demonstrated exemplary humility on many occasions. It is this that gives me confidence as I look ahead to the future with these guys. We will miss them sorely week to week but we're also excited about this next chapter and very much looking to stand with our friends during this time.  

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  1. We are going to miss them so much. Can't quite imagine Exeter life with out them. Birmingham is getting a gift! Love you Jon and Han.