Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Exploring multi-site church 2

'One Church, One Vision, Two Sites...'

This season 

As a team for the next season we want to recognise this as a blessing and look to God for us to grow as one Church, with one vision, meeting across two sites. Both sites are under the authority of the same eldership team. You will find the same preaching, same doctrine, same leadership philosophy, same values, same emphasis in worship and same family news. On Sundays one site will be at Maynard’s School meeting at 10.00am while the other will meet at St Sidwell’s School at 6.30pm.

One Church 

We recognise we have a challenge to cultivate ‘oneness’ across both sites. Our Church will continue to have one ID Course, an integrated homegroup system, a church weekend away, monthly ‘Church together’ evenings, and other special times where we all join together to praise God!

One Family 

Our morning meeting will continue to run kids work, youth work, crèche, sound, PA and have a full band. We will therefore encourage members who attend the evening meeting to join volunteer teams, and meet with leaders to help with the morning meeting.

One Mission 

We believe that God is calling us to prioritise and seek to bless those who do yet know Jesus. We are ‘sent people’. Although moving to two sites will mean change and challenge, to follow Jesus we want to put the needs of others ahead of ourselves. It is therefore with real joy and expectation that we look to explore our second site, ‘Frontiers Church Central’. We will enjoy the adventure this term and review in the New Year.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Exploring multi-site church

‘One Church, One Vision, Two Sites.’

Frontiers Church Exeter
is a Church led by one team, with one vision and one set of values. As a team we want to lead our Church to introduce as many people to Jesus as possible.

The story so far

Last year we outgrew our Sunday morning meeting venue. We have asked God and looked for a bigger building which we have not yet been given. In an effort to create more room for growth, last year we ran two big morning meetings back-to-back. We found this method good but the demands on our volunteers were not sustainable. We did not grow quickly enough to find more volunteers to help!

This year we have been running one morning meeting and an evening meeting. This meeting has been much lighter in terms of volunteers needed but has blessed many people. Week 4 saw 61 people attend. This included over 35 people who were not at the morning meeting. Across the two meetings we had 220 people with room to grow at both sites. We are now recognising Frontiers Church Central as its own site. 

The same sermon is being preached at both sites. And while both meetings will carry the same values, you will experience a different flavour at each.  Central is a stripped back, raw meeting with low lights, a sermon, acoustic worship and a trip to a local pub afterwards. Believers and unbelievers who would not have come to our morning meeting have come and enjoyed being with us during these meetings. Our intention over time is to cultivate diversity at both meetings. 

I am very much looking forward to gathering our growing 'Central Team' to pray and look ahead together into the new year.

Friday, 3 December 2010

What are you looking for @Christmas this year?

I swing from being like Scrooge wanting to avoid Christmas to wanting Christmas as above longing with child-like hope!

Having said that I am looking forward to our Christmas celebration at Church this year. We are having ours on Dec 12th this year. It will good to meet. be together, welcome guests and look for more from Christmas than even Sainsbury's can offer!

This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family to come and join us as we explore together. There will be mince pies, hot drinks, Christmas songs and a thought provoking message.

As always we'll be meeting at both sites. 9.30am@Maynards & 6.30pm@Central.