Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Safer Sex Ball?


It's one of the most talked about social events on the student calender at Exeter. People are willing to wait for hours to get their tickets. This year all the 2,800 tickets were sold in around an hour. It is billed as an event to raise awareness for World Aids Day - The Safer Sex Ball.

Each year you hear the stories of people dressing erotically and getting drunk beyond recognition. I remember in my year a guy wrapped himself in cling film and went dressed as a condom! Apparently he had a long cold naked walk home.

As a pastor who works with students, I am sometimes asked, "Do you think Christians should go to the Safer Sex Ball?" Here are some thoughts...

As a Christian guy the main question I want to ask is, How can I walk with Jesus most effectively? Walking with Him means loving people, but it does not mean that I participate in all other people do. It means being involved in culture but not being 'of' the culture.

As I ponder how I can live for Christ best, I'm not sure what good can come out of me going to something like this. I don't want to see the (future) wife of another man dressed in this way. I don't want my mind to be filled with sexual images which should be reserved for marriage. I trust Him with sex! I want to keep myself for my partner for life.

I do however want to share life, get to know people and have fun in life. I want to bless and help wherever I can. I'm sure I can live for Christ without putting myself in a position which is particularly unhelpful. There are plenty of good opportunities which do not have such a cost.

So my advice is to give it a miss... particularly if you are a Christian guy... give it a miss!

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  1. Great post Stu, I remember really wrestling with this when I was Guild Chair and was invited as one of the VIPs.

    In the end I went - it was important for my Christian witness not to always disengage with what the other people on the Guild were involved with, but to look at how I could be distinctly Christian.

    I spent a long time working out what to wear and setting some ground rules with my mentor (Derek Burnside).