Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Week 2 - Frontiers Church Central

Last Sunday we enjoyed our second ever Frontiers Church Central. We saw around 45 people gather to hear teaching about Jesus, worship him and spend time together.

I was glad to be let into the building early this week so that Dan and I were able to see the room and have a chat. The team arrived and we continued to set up. We blacked out the windows, put up the low lights, set up the projector and started to get ready. The chairs were out, the banner was up and people began to arrive. The 'feel' of the evening is very low key and relaxed.

I preached part 1 of our three part series 'LXI'. My hope is that our students and 20's will increasingly catch up and take hold of our main thrust as a Church.

It was quite special for me on Sunday serving among some of my good friends. Matt Giles led worship for us. He was brilliant. Anna Giles came with a view to help with the discipleship of our women leaders. Ben and Leah Arscott were faithfully part of the team even though feeling a bit under the weather. Dan Partridge was such a blessing from start to finish, and it was good to be working along side Rach Harrison. We have a great team and many other people I could mention.

The worship time saw many contributions. We had tongues, interpretation, prophetic words, prayers and communion. I felt a huge blessing from God as we joined together to sing our praises. As a group we have made a commitment not only to God but to each other. It was good to see so many of us at the pub afterwards. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with newcomers and have a good catch up with our team.

With our Sunday mornings full it seems that this may naturally grow into a second meeting for us. This is one of our discussion points for our elders meeting tonight. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.


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