Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Money Talks...

I still find it quite strange talking about money in the context of Church. For me it conjures images of all types of horrible television preachers with silver hair and gold teeth, while at the same time rather strangely reminding me of door to door fund raisers asking me for money through a guilt trip.

When it comes to asking our people in Church to give I find it an interesting one. Jesus talks about money loads in the Bible. He seems to link money very closely to our hearts. Among people generally we seem to recognise that money is somewhat of a vehicle by which we express love, commitment, trust and faith in a particular direction. We know people are serious when then put 'their money where their mouth is.' We always care about our investments and so it seems money has the power to some degree to lead our hearts and our affections.

As we walk through recession it's interesting to see how our hearts are revealed. In our nation football seems to be recession proof according to one article I recently read on the BBC website. Recession raises all kinds of questions for us as Christians. Some of them are answered by one of my favourite preachers John Piper in a  breathtaking sermon.

As a Church this year we are behind in our giving targets after month 1. This raises the question, how much are we giving? Why? Why not? What is our view of money? How do we seek to improve this area? As a young man with a wife, son and another baby on the way I decided that this summer I wanted to develop a more robust theology of money. As recommended by many I took time to read Money, Possessions and Eternity by Randy Alcorn.  I found it to be a truly amazing read. Very helpful, very deep and very shaping for me as I seek to lead my household. I'd recommend this for anyone who is asking questions over money particularly in the current climate, particularly in our Church! :-)

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