Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Leaders Training

One of our current discussions among our elders is how to help and coach our leaders most effectively in Church. We were pondering the content of our small group leaders training which has led us into this broader discussion.

Looking at the life of Jesus we are looking to initiate, cultivate and continue to build along the following lines...

Heart sharing

We are looking for Spirit led inspiration, a depth of conviction and a real sense of faith in our relationships. Jesus spent all night in prayer before approaching his apostles. Jesus took the initiative in making the 'big ask' and was looking for a genuine response in those he asked. We are looking for a sense of mutual faith and genuine chemistry in our relationships where we can.

Life sharing

Jesus took his disciples on a real adventure. They were with him at weddings, they ate with him, they saw him angry, they travelled with him, they saw him teaching, they asked questions and had times of prayer. We are looking to ask the question, 'how can we journey with our leaders?' Which areas of life can we invite our leaders to share with us? Where are we walking with God which others could share and participate and learn from?

Coaching wheel

In the context of a heart conviction and a depth of relationship we are looking to help develop the skills and gifts of our leaders.

Our coaching wheel consists of the following:

Commissioning. Goals, expectations, framework, planning etc.
Listening. How did it go? Thorough assessment.
Celebration. We're looking to identify and celebrate evidences of God's grace in every circumstance.
'You could be more effective if...' We're looking to give practical 'how to's' to help people get better at what they do.
Offer/Resource. We are looking to cross pollinate. We will invite from others in the team, suggest reading, training and outside help to facilitate the learning of our leaders.

The wheel will continue to roll!

We discussed this at the weekend and I'm sure we'll evolve the process as we try to serve our people with all our might!

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