Tuesday, 19 October 2010

God Heals

Some people are up for anything. Some people are up for crystal gazing, fortune tellers, spiritualism and faith healings. Some people seem to think that statues of Mary bring physical healing. Others would regard this type of thing as ridiculous. Many people who I know would view all 'supernatural activity' with huge suspicion. Many would seem to dismiss all without taking the time to consider any possibility that there something other than physical matter.

A number of people in our Church at the moment are praying for people to be healed and are claiming that God is healing people through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have heard stories of cysts disappearing from ovaries, pain removed and fingernails growing back!

For those who claim to be 'scientifically minded' one cannot dismiss claims without a thoughtful investigation. We have to lay blind faith to one side and take time to consider all sides and look at the medical evidence. I hope that is what we do in our Church. I am inspired by people in our Church who are praying for many people and seeing some healed. I expect to see more testimonies and look forward to seeing x-ray pictures of before and after!

I believe Jesus was killed. On weight of evidence I also believe that he was seen alive afterwards. I believe that he proved that he is God. I believe that through his people he brings his kingdom which includes healing from illness. I believe that Jesus heals people as a 'sign' to point people to himself.

There seems to be a variety of views on healing even within the Church. It seems that traditionally those who are up for healing are not very good at reading their Bibles. People can be stereotyped as unhelpful and experience driven without a love for the word of God. On the other hand people who read their Bibles thoroughly and study hard appear to lack the power of the disciples in the Bible when it comes to signs and wonders.

The Apostle Paul in particular seemed to walk a 'radical middle'. He knew the Word and lived in the power of the Spirit through extreme suffering! I love the Bible and want to see God move like He does in the Bible. Here is a good paper which may help bring some clarity and challenge Christians to look for God to move more.

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