Thursday, 9 September 2010

LXI: What does it look like for you?

Last night @our church together evening we had a great time. We sang to Jesus and broke bread together. We then recapped the message from Sunday and asked the question, 'What does it look like for you to be on mission with Jesus?'

We heard from a student, church worker, teacher and doctors something of what it looks like in their own lives. We spent some time praying for each other and left pondering the following suggestions:

As we look to walk like Jesus we might want to...

Share meals. Lunch@work, evenings etc.
Talk. Take an interest in people. Ask questions. Share life.
Listen. What are people facing? Where can you offer to help?
Hobby. What can you do to meet new people?
Pray. Where do the people you love need God's help?
Walk slowly. Take time to stop and speak to neighbours!

I'm challenged again myself as to how I organise my life. I'm very pleased to be part of a Church which is hungry to follow Jesus and I look forward to sharing and hearing stories from our people as we walk this together.

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