Sunday, 5 September 2010

New Vision - Love

This morning I kicked off our mini series, 'Love, Explain, Invite.' or 'L X I'.

I'm looking forward to sharing more and building upon this over the coming Wednesday nights and next Sunday.

The was part 1 - 'Love'. At the end we asked people to sign up if they wanted to be missionaries with this Church to this city. We will be asking people to sign up all month.

Unlike our usual style it was more of a thematic talk. Here are really skinny rough notes. I hope it will be online soon. A fair amount of people were away at a wedding.

1) God Loves

God is love. He is three in one and awesome. He powerful creates all things. He makes humanity as the high point of his creation. The loving, powerful fountain overflows as his creates. Yet we fall and reject the most valuable being in the universe. We deserve eternal punishment for this crime. Yet he still loves. He is just so he cannot overlook this crime, but he is gracious so he pays the price himself. He dies as our substitution on the cross. This is of first importance. This is the gospel.

2) Sent to love

Christ died and is raised. He offers us adoption into Sonship. Our eternal destiny is changed as we trust him. As we walk with Him, our heart begins to align with what God the Father cares about. It changes what we rejoice in and celebrate. We empowered by His Spirit to walk with God on His mission. As we walk with Him we learn more and more about his heart and mission to create a people for himself. God loves a fallen world of broken rebels. Jesus directly hands the baton onto his followers. John 17v18. We are a sent people. This begins by loving people practically. Genuine love and concern leads to action.

3) Going to love?

Imagine that you sign up as a missionary and land in another nation to tell people about Jesus. What would you do? What would your attitude be like? Where would you spend your time? Money? Acts 17v26 has says that God has written that today you live where you live, and work where you work. In that place you are called to be a missionary right here, right now. Will you join us? Can we walk this path together. Can we help each other along the way as we leave our comfort zones behind us? Looking to live like Jesus...

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