Wednesday, 15 September 2010

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"There are two words that scare everyone. One is cancer, the other is evangelism." This week in our current series 'LXI' we are looking at 'explain'. If you missed the one you can catch it here.

Human beings seem to overflow with enthusiasm for what they love and enjoy. People will recommend coffee, films, and holiday destinations naturally, sensitively and helpfully. When someone falls in love they usually tell you more than they should about the person they are seeing!

I think if Christians genuinely love Jesus, as they share life and look to bless people, they will not be able to stop speaking something of what they have seen and heard.

The most loving thing I can do for people who I care about is to share the thing which I have which is of most value. Jesus Christ is of infinite value. He is the best thing I can offer people who I care about.

On Sunday I took some time dwelling on 2 Corinthians 4v1-7 to help us as we seek to cultivate a lifestyle of walking with Jesus.

My eye sight is not that good. As a schoolboy, much to my despair, I was told that I needed to wear glasses. I refused to wear them except for when I was in lessons. This vanity led me into a little trouble at times. I once thought I saw a lady I knew across the road. I called out her name and waved. She did not respond so I shouted louder. She still did not respond so I walked half way across the road. I then realised that it was not her and had to apologise and rather sheepishly went on my way. Up close she looked petrified!

Our human rebellion against God (as recorded in the Bible) has left us with our spiritual eyes distorted. (2 Cor 4v4) painfully describes us as being blinded by Satan. Satan has pulled off his greatest trick to a large degree by making people believe that he does not exist. Meanwhile he continues to do his work of keeping people blinded.

God in his mercy has called people to walk with him. Part of walking with him is to become like him and participate in his glorious mission of reconciling people to himself.  In this mission Christians are called to be open and honest. Christians are called to be straight with people about our message. Christians are called to be sensitive and loving but not to be cowards.  (2Cor4v2)

The heart posture is to be one of serving others for the sake of Jesus. (2Cor4v5) Christians are servants of others sent by Jesus.  As servants we will look to do all we can in every way. We will look to pray, help, reason in an effort to introduce people to the greatest being in the universe.

In the end only God can open blind spiritual eyes. It is him who spoke the sun and world into being and him who uses all kinds of different circumstances experiences and teaching to show himself to people. (2Cor4v6) It’s a miracle when people look at Jesus and see God. Humans are not spiritually able to do this according to this text.

I think this means as a people we will be marked by prayer, celebration, and humility. It also means that we will love people and pray for people and sometimes they will not come to know Jesus. This is not our fault. x

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