Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Academy draws to a close

As a Church we have just finished our summer series which we called 'The Academy'. 

We had a mix of men with varying degrees of experience preach a parable each over the summer. I was very pleased with what our men said and did. All of the guys have Godly characters and have something of a passion to lead and preach.

We feel that we need more preachers, if we are to plant more Churches and reach more people. We therefore feel strongly to provide a platform for them to grow. Learning is always ugly and we have been prepared to make a mess. We were convinced of the broader vision and overall the guys did well. 

Members were asked to receive each preacher with grace and to search for and draw good from each message. I feel on the whole people responded well. We will be getting together next week for a de-brief and feedback.

This summer we spent time going through each sermon (all except one I think!) and offering feedback and help before they preached before the Church. This takes a lot of humility and flexibility and the guys all did well.

I'm really excited about what God is doing among us as a people. We have a lot of gifted men. Its a privilege to serve along side them. We'll be looking to create more opportunities as we look to the future. 

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  1. Hi Stu,

    I'm interested in your comment about the need for more preachers. What would you say to a women who wanted to preach and considered that God had given her this gift?

    Best wishes,