Thursday, 16 September 2010

6 Marks of our mission

Last night as we gathered together we continued with our focus on 'LXI'. I have thoroughly enjoyed leading us through this season. I feel people are being increasingly mobilised!

On Sunday I preached from 2 Corinthians 4 concluding briefly with some of the implications of the nature of our mission. Here are 6 marks of our mission as I see it:

1) We do not lose heart. This mission has been given to us as grace gift to participate in with God. The joy of walking with Him is the motive which will sustain us regardless of the results.

2) We are servants. Our posture is to be one of serving people in the best way that we can. Some people will suggest that all we need is an outbreak of signs and wonders. Others suggest that we need arguments prepared while others still say that we need practical acts of love. As I read the Bible I see mixed responses to healings and arguments and I know many people who have been well loved but have not become Christians. The key in my mind is that I am a servant and I will serve people in whatever way God calls me to and however people can be blessed. Whether healing, reason or practical acts of love, I want all to flow from my life. I don't think there is one silver bullet here. I want to be like Jesus.

3) We are humble. Ultimately we are aware that the reason we are Christians is not down to us. To have any sense of superiority demonstrates a lack of understanding of the nature of the human condition. We could not see without God.

4) We are people of prayer. Knowing our role and God's role helps us to ask God for both. We know that we need strength and fire to keep going and we also know that God needs to actually open eyes in the end. We are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit doing his work!

5) We are people who celebrate. When people respond to Jesus we recognise God's hand at work and rejoice together. It was great last night to applaud and celebrate God's work through us as we heard person after person speak about coming to know Jesus.

6) We do not beat ourselves up. When all is said and done, we will pour ourselves out to bless people and help in every way, but if people do not respond its not our fault! We must not carry a responsibility that does not belong to us. We will learn and listen and repent along the way but some people will not come to know Christ and I don't think that this is for us to carry.

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