Thursday, 19 August 2010


Westpoint kicks off tonight and  I am really excited. I'm expecting to catching something of the heart of Guy Miller and Dave Stroud as they speak about God and His mission. I'm looking forward to singing to the Lord with thousands of people and I expect we'll win the football tournament.

It will be special for us as a Church with Matt Giles leading worship. He is a good friend who is a very gifted worship leader. It's exciting to see him being raised up and used to bless many people.

Weekends like create memories, build friendships and shape lives as we seek to live for him together. Chloe and I are moving into our friends house for the weekend so that we can share babysitters and many people who I have spoken to are growing in anticipation.

I am sceptical of hype and I do get a little tired of the jargon and hot air which appears to be recycled at times in contexts like this. However, away from the event I see men and women who hunger for Jesus and are walking with Him and learning what it means to follow Him. As we gather together therefore, knowing that the Father is so willing to bless, I am in good faith that many people will receive deposits which will see fruit in the grit of local Church missionary life. I think we will actually see the kingdom advance in our nation!

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