Friday, 23 July 2010

Sweeter than honey

Sweeter than honey and to be desired more than Gold is how David describes the words of God. I have had a number of conversations recently with people about how to read the Bible and draw treasure from it.

How do I read it?
How do I apply it to my life?
How do I grow in this area?

I have compiled this loose framework from various sources including friends, 'Leading better Bible studies' and from Matt Chandlers recent session which you can find here. I hope some find it helpful.

I am particularly enjoying this tool kit at the moment. 

  • Pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Moleskin
  • ESV Bible (Which you don't mind writing on.)
  • According to plan, Graeme Goldsworthy
Ask – We can’t see anything without Him. 1Cor2v14

1.Look – What does the text say?

With a pencil in hand I circle, underline and observe as much as I can for 5-10mins.

Context: Verse/passage/context/book/genre/Testament (Goldsworthy)
Who, What, When, Where, Why?
Repetitions, contrasts, progressions, illustrations...
Link words
Look up and follow questions (ESV Study Bible)

2.Think – What did the text mean to its original audience?

Awareness of genre and features
Awareness of Biblical Theology/progressive revelation (Graeme Goldsworthy)
Harmony of scripture. Process of elimination from what is clear.
The Bible is about God.
What is the point?(s)

3.Listen – What is God calling you to do?

· I highlight one or two verses which I feel God is leading me to.

· I write in my journal for 10mins+.
Write contrasts comparisons and examples.
I write how this speaks to me.

· I write down things to do as obedience.

What was God’s concern?
Where does this speak into your life?
What does it reveal/affirm?

What will you do in response to what God is saying?
When will you do it?
What will help you?
What will hinder you?
James 1v22-25

4.Talk - What do you want to talk to God about?

· I spend time (10mins) singing (Worship music on iPhone) praying and speaking to God about what he has shown me and other stuff on my heart.

What has God spoken to you about?
What do you want to thank him for?
Where do you need to confess?
Where do you need help?

Walk - Do it.

Takes me 25-30mins each day and I love drawing close to God through His means of grace.

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