Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Parenting #1 - Gospel parenting

I have been a Dad for just over a year. Rufus is getting more and more active and fun.

I have read a few books, listened to different teachers, and watched different people. I have gathered a few thoughts which I wanted to draw together. Clearly I am not an expert. I am a faltering young Dad! However I think I have picked up a few simple things which have helped me.

Parenting is worship

The life of a Christian is a joyful response to who God is and what he has done for us. I want to live for him and live in a way which delights my Father in heaven. His opinion is the most important one in my life. Not expectations of others, not the latest research, and not what other parents think. Parenting is now one facet of my worship to God.

A big call

After reading around the subject it is clear that God calls me to a certain role with certain responsibilities to my wife and son. The bar is high. Looking after my Son all day is amazing and challenging for Chloe and carrying the leadership of the home before God is not something that I am taking lightly. According the scripture the buck stops with me.

I fall short

I want to be the perfect Dad! However I know that I am not. Sometimes I am selfish and sometimes I am lazy. Sometimes I don't do what I should do and sometimes I do what I should not do. Knowing God's call on Dads and my love for my wife and son I find this particularly painful. Should I give up? Or should I settle for pursuing less than the picture God paints for me?

He has paid for me

The good news for me, as a faltering Dad is Jesus has paid already for all my parenting blunders. He lived the perfect life and died on the cross and my substitute. God has forgiven me. He shows that He loves me and is for me and He has made many promises to me.

He is changing me

I am so grateful that God had promised to be working in my heart and changing my character. He has promised that as I walk with Him I will become more loving, more patient, more kind, and more joyful. This is good news for my wife and son! I also hope to display humility before my family. I expect my home to be a place of confession, forgiveness and yet progressive transformation and joy. I look to God who calls me to an amazing role, forgives my shortcomings and yet empowers me to be a better man.


  1. V.helpful thank you.

    We have to pursue the gospel in parenting, else we end up with heretical families, which will be so destructive.

    I long for my family life to reflect the gospel.

  2. On the button Stu. Perhaps some of the most important people we can witness to through 'walking the walk' as well 'talking the talk', is our own children. Sadly sometimes home is also the easiest place to be at our least christain. Often nothing is more testing than our own children.
    Thanks for your fantastic work on I.D. You guys have made it such a pleasure.

  3. it's easy for you to say all this...having a nice wife and a kid...