Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Frontiers - Hearts for Transition

I had a good time at together on a mission 2010.

It finished on a poignant note with news of PJ's cancer. PJ has started to blog about 
his experience. As a personal hero who I have drawn from I find this deeply emotional and at the same time fortifying. http://pjsmyth.tumblr.com/

As a young pastor I am looking to take on more responsibility and therefore increasingly concerned about receiving apostolic input to help our church. This season of New Frontiers therefore particularly draws my attention. I found Steven Van Rhyn particularly helpful. God spoke to me and I will stand on this word.

Acts 20v17-38

Mission motivates
Paul faced the following:
  • Uncertainty
  • Vulnerability v22 v29
  • Lack of resources at times v35 (&1Thess2v9)
  • Relational complexity v36 - v38
The primary challenge: Will Paul/we let these secondary issues hamper the primary purpose of mission?
No season of consolidation.
Together on a mission.
Apostolic gifts are for mission.

Necessity of elders
Paul with eldership team. Apostles and elders working together through transition.

Leadership teams - Acts14 - Holy Spirit appointed - for the purpose of gospel advance.

What do you do when founder/apostolic relationship ends? Through change/growth/death?
1) Watch ourselves. v28 'What you people need most is your personal holiness.'
2) Keep watch over the Church. v28 Jesus gave himself for the Church.
3) Watch each other. Mark 9&10 Disciples were going after position and seats at certain tables.
We must aim for servant leadership not entitlement.
The need to be first is a sign of immature leadership.

Succession plan
No names. No specifics. Foundational level for more advance.

1) Jesus is building his Church. v32 Phil 1v6
He is the sustainer.
He is building his Church.
Any of us could be taken at any time. It is God who builds His church.
Jesus is the saviour.
Jesus is the great Apostle.
Jesus is far reaching.
Jesus is available to all.
Jesus is where we place our hope.
Paul commends them to God.
(God is better than Terry!)

2) We hold onto the gospel.
'the word of his grace'.
Gospel of first importance.
Gospel changes lives.
Gospel is the power.
1 Cor 15v3-4

3) Hearts of generosity v35
Work hard & provide for others.
No hording! Give, give, give... in transition.
Don't let uncertainty stop you giving.
Help others and help other churches.
In this soil, apostolic gifts will grow. As they did needing and seeing good discernment Rev 2.

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