Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Time with Guy Miller

The New Frontiers South West Pastors gathered last week in Honiton. We were led by Grant from Plymouth and Guy Miller came to teach encourage and bring all he has to serve us.

We spent time praying and seeking the Lord. Guy then opened up Acts 11v19-30 for us and walked us through the following headlines. A N T I O C H

A = Apostolic. v25 & v26. God started to do some stuff so Barnabas went looking for apostolic help. When God moves is your attitude 'we need some apostolic help' or is it 'what has this got to do with them?' Here we see a recognition and desire for apostolic help. 1Cor12v28 Eph4v11 (Are there apostles today - Terry Virgo Apostles ask difficult questions, invited through eldership and help the church and other churches grow.

N = Nobodies. In this text we have no titles, no public recognition and nobody of any great public position. Who does God love to use to do his work? He includes nobodies! People who have their feet on the ground, earthed in reality walking with humility receiving grace upon grace.

T = Training. v26 Paul spent a year teaching. No short cuts. No easy answers. He taught and taught and taught. Exegesis, hermeneutics, handling the sword, Paul invested. He is concerned for Biblical illiteracy and so should we be. Preaching in our churches and further training is key.

I = International. This was sparked by people entering (because of persecution) into the worlds of other people. They were involved in contexts outside of their own front door.

O = Outreaching. Jesus was being preached. People were being saved because Jesus was being spoken about. The mission of the gospel must be at the centre of all we do. There are no circumstances which eliminate us from talking about Jesus with people. Resettlement, persecution or prison.

C = Care for the poor. v29 There was specific and intentional work done to support those in need. This is a huge part of Church life. We must care for the poor. The takes grace and wisdom and help and encouragement.

H = Hope. The whole of Acts is framed with the expectation that Jesus is coming back and that the world we be restored. We carry great hope of the future which encourages us in the present.

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