Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The spring of youth

A year or so ago our lead elder Andy Arscott received a prophetic word about bringing through young men to help him build the Church and take it up to the next level.

In September I was brought onto staff in a full time capacity. I am an assistant pastor with wide and varying responsibilities.

New staff member

Our part time administrator is retiring at the end of this year. Today we interviewed Dan Partridge to take on this role in a full time capacity. Our expectation is that the role Malcolm has been doing will evolve and change significantly in this new season for our Church.

Dan is a 3rd year Law student at Exeter University. He graduates from Uni this summer. He has led the CU and has a very impressive CV. Dan was interviewed by a panel of five people. Malcolm (current admin) Rob (elder) Andy (lead elder) Claire (Trustee) and myself. Dan scored highly in the interview and we reached a unanimous decision that he was our man.

Young and hungry

Dan is a young man (like myself) who is motivated by the gospel and wants to see the local Church grow. He is very keen and willing to serve, learn and grow into this capacity. John Maxwell writes, "When you cannot afford to hire the best, hire the young who are going to be the best." I think that in Dan we have a man of huge potential who will serve us very well and learn lots.

I particularly receive Dan as a gift. I have valued spending time with him this year. I enjoy his company, his humour and am very pleased that he is joining our team in this capacity on the adventure. Thank you Jesus.

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