Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ephesians 2v1-10

It was recommended at Leadership Training to every so often record and watch yourself preaching. This was recorded on Sunday for me to see myself preach to help me learn and improve.

The guys in the office felt it might be helpful for this to be made available for those who missed it or want to see it. The recording is a little rough but it served the purpose for which it was intended. Hope some people find it helpful. You can catch a better audio here http://sermon.net/fce

Stu Sermon from Jono D on Vimeo.


  1. Great idea mate. I have rooted out my Dad's camcorder and together with my tripod I am going to analyse my golf swing on the range this week!!!

    At my youth group at home we secretly filmed the 14 year old group trying to complete a team building exercise and then showed it back to them and talked about team work and leadership etc. The changes in them as a result of seeing themselves like that for the first time have been marked!

  2. Question: lessons you've learned from seeing yourself preach?

  3. Hey Bish,

    I have not sat down and gone through this yet.
    At a glance
    1) I am encouraged. I look ok! I thought I was much worse.
    2) I touch my nose a lot! This is odd.
    3) I have a habit of speaking too quickly and mumble in places. I need to watch my pace.

    What do you think?!

  4. I get to watch you every time from the seats...

    Face touching is a funny one, I know I do it too - I'm a chin grabber. Not altogether a bad thing.

    Generally, I think you use your body well when preaching, good movement that emphasises your words without being too distracting.

    Learning to speak slow is a challenge, don't want to lose passion but wanting to be clear and accessible for those for whom English isn't a first language too.

    Tempted to mute your video and watch the Chandler one on mute at the same time... for some comparison since they're on the same page!