Wednesday, 19 May 2010

How does an Eskimo kill a wolf?

To kill a wolf an Eskimo has a few options. One of the ways they may choose to do it is through a knife trap.

The temptation

A blade would be taken and wrapped in fat or meat of another animal. This would then be frozen into a block. This block would then be left out for the wolf to find.

The frenzy

The wolf would be hungry for the blood. As the block begins to melt the wolf would find the meat and begin to lick the meat and blood. With the block melting and blood flowing the wolf begins frantically licking the animal. Gradually his tongue starts to touch the blade. With every lick, the blade slices another cut into the tongue of the wolf.

The deception

With blood flowing the wolf is unable to recognise that it is his own blood which is flowing from his mouth. His continues licking and licking and the damage is done. The wolf bleeds to death.

Helpful to me

It was at leadership training Matt Hatch used this as an illustration of sin. Sin which promises so much, deceives us, wounds us deeply and leads to certain death.

This picture has been powerfully on my mind for the last couple of weeks. I don't want to start licking (pursuing, thinking about, spending time on) anything that is not pleasing to Jesus. I think this picture fits with the seriousness of warnings in the NT. I found it helpfully sobering.


  1. goooooooooood i like it thnx

  2. you are insane.

  3. I have been preaching since 1972....this illustration is an old one BUT very powerful....Its not about wolf abuse.....duh.