Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I enjoyed meeting as a Church on Sunday. Matt Giles led our worship time very well and I enjoyed preaching the gospel. After the service a large group of us headed to a local pub to grab lunch together and afterwards headed to a friends house-warming party. It was good to get a chance to speak to people who I do not usually and share life a little more with others.

Sharing Jesus

Paul writes of his affection for the Christians in Thessalonica as being expressed through sharing the gospel and themselves! This is something which is part of church life. When I first started coming to church a group of us had lunch together every week. We began to share our own lives with one another reflecting something of the early church.

A season of opportunity

It is from the sharing of life I believe authentic relationships and therefore authentic Church will be built. Many of our leaders have found it difficult to open our homes or take up invitations on Sundays after running two services. If I preach twice and have a student event in the evening I will normally try to sleep a little after lunch. I'm really looking forward to our summer season when we will be meeting all together again to let this flow. Good weather opens the opportunity for BBQ's and picnics as well. :-)

This summer

It is into an inclusive, loving, genuine community which I want to invite people who don't know Jesus. A place where people take time and take an interest in each other. Informal community flowing after our meetings is a huge blessing to me and allows us to invite and share our lives with each other and those who visit us. I look forward to a season of getting to know people more and meeting new people in the coming weeks.


  1. Great blog mate...

    It can be hard sometimes in western culture to share life together. We lead busy lives and preoccupy ourselves with so much other stuff, as well as living so far apart.

    However, I loved your example on Sunday of the church in Catford and the black population; how they were always in and out of each others houses, having an open door policy at all times. I hope for something of this when I buy a house!

    I think we often prize privacy too highly. Perhaps we need to prize each other more! I guess it's more about priorities than it is about logististics.

  2. Trying so hard to have this happen!