Friday, 16 April 2010

Paul in Ephesus

Paul had been a Christian for nearly twenty years and had just travelled over 500 miles when he arrived in Ephesus (Acts 19v1).

The Action Begins

On arrival Paul was straight into the action. He met some ‘disciples’ who had heard of John the Baptist but they had not yet been baptized into Jesus or received the Holy Spirit. Paul saw the Spirit come in power as he laid his hands on these twelve men. God was on the move (Acts 19v2-6).

Paul spent three months preaching in the Synagogue before he left to teach daily in the Hall of Tyrannus. It’s thought lectures were held here every day from 11.00am – 4.00pm during the hottest part of the day. Paul did this for two years and the message flowed from this stage across the entire region (Acts 19v8-10).

Riots and Fires

Paul saw amazing signs and wonders and had a huge impact on those who were involved in other forms of spirituality (Acts 19v11-20). An estimated £30million worth of books were publicly burnt by new believers and a riot was provoked in the city because of the impact he was having on the religion and profiteers of Artemis. After the riot had died down Paul encouraged his brothers, said farewell and headed for Macedonia after spending over two and a half years in Ephesus (Acts 20).

Emotional Farewell

Paul later sent for the Ephesians elders (Acts 20v17). During an emotional meeting Paul appealed to them on the basis of his time with them, and his example, to care for ‘the flock’. Fearing real danger for the Ephesians, Paul strongly warned of ‘wolves’ and shed many tears with them before heading for Jerusalem (Acts 20v19-38).

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