Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Learning is Ugly

When I first became a Christian I was told that to be a disciple of Jesus Christ means that you become a learner. To become a Christian you put your 'L plates' on and you begin to learn to follow and walk with Jesus Christ. Jesus continues to teach us and train us throughout our lives.

Learning is Ugly

If you try to write your name with your other hand, kick a ball with your other foot or even adjust your golf swing we all have the same feeling. Err! You feel self conscious and it does not look or feel good! In honesty it creates a mess and makes us feel a bit silly. This is the nature of learning. It is ugly. I think this is something that disciples need to be comfortable with in every area of life if we are to continue to learn. In fact, I can't think of an area of life where I do not need to be aware that learning is ugly. Learning to love Jesus, learning to be a good husband, loving, cherishing, releasing and supporting my wife, building a healthy sex life, be a godly Dad, learning to be a pastor, teacher, leader, mentor and learning golf! Man, my short game needs work....

I will make mistakes

By nature of being a learner I know I will make mistakes. This is helpful to come to terms with. In life I must be prepared to apologise to people! I will not get it right all the time. I will wrong people intentionally and unintentionally so one skill that I know I will need is the ability to say sorry and ask for forgiveness. This is tough. In the context of marriage this is something that I feel I'm increasingly familiar with!

I must listen

As a learner I am in need of instruction. In fact, I really need help all the time! If I have any sense at all I will spend time listening to those who can help me learn to follow Jesus. I read His word, listen to sermons, talk to wise people and read books according to what God has called me to. It takes humility to ask for help. It takes recognition that you have not got it worked out. I think one of the dangers among people who I love is that we all think each other has it all sorted so we don't ask for help. Learners will need to ask for help - regularly.

I am secure in Christ

A deep conviction of the grace of God and who we are in Christ I think releases us to be learners. Knowing who He is, that we are His, that He chooses us because He is kind, that we have an inheritance, that we have nothing to prove, that our Father loves us unconditionally in Christ, increasingly releases us from insecurities. Knowing that He has promised to complete the good work that He started in us gives us the faith to keep going. This gives us the strength to admit areas of weakness and struggle while remaining filled with joy that He continues to work in our lives.

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